Gift Guide 2015: Part 2

If you know me, you know that I enjoy myself some QVC. I don’t actually buy much from it (maybe 2-3 things a year), but it fascinates me. As the QVC hosts will tell you, it is a one stop shop for holiday gifts. Here are my suggestions:

Guys in your life: 

Bose Bluetood Speaker
Bose Bluetooth Speaker. The Q carries some big names from electronics and technology, and while they don’t always have the cutting edge products or every configuration, they usually have some good deals on the big brands. I’m sure a Bose bluetooth speaker has better sound quality than some of the bargain options out there. And if that’s not the ticket there are also options from Beats, Go Pro, Canon, and Apple.

Family/Friend Couples:

Hampton Popcorn

Hampton Popcorn. QVC has a lot of gift worthy snacks that would be great for quick friend couple gift. This Hampton Popcorn looks delicious, and there are also the standard fan favorite Squirrel Brand nuts. If your looking for something a little more substantial QVC also has a lot of great kitchen stuff, and a bakeware or cookware set might be the way to go.

Girls in your life:

qvc scarf

Cashmere Infinity Scarf. Tough choice because there are so many good options, but this scarf by Isaac Mizrahi always catches my eye when its on the air. It comes in a few great colors, and starts at $83 but it frequently on some type of sale. So 1. it’s fashionable, 2. it’s cozy, and 3. it’s cashmere. If I had to pick a second place suggestion, I would go with one of Mizrahi’s ceramic watches. Both are great options even if you’re not on the same style page as your recipient.



Space Heater. Frankly almost anything they sell would work because QVC has a lot of octogenarian customers. But if I had to pick one thing I would go with the Duraflame Infrared Quartz Stove Heater with Flame Effect. If your grandparents are like mine, they’re tight with their money, and their house is not very warm during the winter. This will help them save money on their utilities bill, and keep them nice and toasty, plus it’s a little more attractive than your run of the mill space heater.

Stocking Stuffers:

QVC has cornered the market on stocking stuffers. Here are just a few ideas.

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