Gift Guide 2015: Part 6

Here are some crunch time ideas for those procrastinators out there. I have memories of walking into a Gap only to find empty shelves where sweaters and scarves should be. If you find yourself in such a pickle, here are some other options.

Brick & Mortar Options

  • Bath & Body Works candles, soap, or gift basket (fancier looking candles at Anthro)
  • Board games or puzzles from Target or a pop-up game shop at the mall
  • Fancy phone case or accessories– chargers, cords, blue tooth speakers…
  • Magazine along with a year’s subscription (Barnes and Noble has a magazine for everyone on your list so you can give the actual magazine with the subscription)
  • Sephora Favorites gift box or brand specific gift box (Ulta has several as well)
  • DVDs or a movie theater gift card along with some fancy or microwave popcorn
  • Cookie dough ingredients assembled in a mason jar with the recipe attached
  • Gift card, store specific if you know where they like to shop or Target if you don’t know where they shop


God Speed!

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