Academy Awards 2016: Best and Worst

I think simplicity really won out this year for red carpet fashion. There was a lot of color, but generally solid simple frocks. There were definitely no swans and barely any ball gowns. People kept it simple this year. I think, if anything, draping and architectural details were trends this year, weather it was extra swags of fabric or an architectural accent on the bodice. Here are my best and worst.

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Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

Saoirse Ronan looks stunning in this green beaded gown. It’s kind of everything at once because it’s completely beaded but I think the emerald color makes it less flashy than a metallic gold or silver beaded gown. The color is so great for her and it’s definitely a great pic for a nominee. I might have done a necklace rather than statement earrings, but to each their own.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

I really liked Olivia Munn’s dress. The color was great for her and the silhouette is innovative but simple and flattering. She could have amped up the earrings a little, but besides that it’s pretty perfect.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

Sarah Silverman has definitely gotten better over time with her style. I think she’s keeping it low key because she is probably more of a plus one for the Awards (though I know she’s been doing some more serious stuff lately). Her dress is understated but flawless.


Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

I was disappointed by Brie Larson. I thought she did really well at the other awards shows this year, but this is kind of blah to me. It’s giving me prom dress. I think she could have done better, especially for a big nominee.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

Reese Witherspoon was another snooze for me. I realize she’s not a nominee so maybe she didn’t have to be as on point as last year, but I think we could have done something more interesting or sleeker than this. It was also a very similar in color and cut to Tina Fey, but I think Tina’s was better.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

To complete the prom dress trifecta, I think Emily Blunt is 90’s prom all day. I know 90’s style is kind of in right now, but I don’t think this dress is doing anything for her. It washes her out and the cut is not particularly flattering. (Also, is she pregnant? I forget)

What are your thoughts?

Academy Awards: Best and Worst

First, I must say, everyone look exceedingly clean at the Academy Awards. I was especially proud of the boys because it seemed like everyone shaved and combed their hair. I think it’s clear from my “best” choices that I love a simple statement. I don’t think there were many bombs or huge statement successes this year, most women seemed to stay in their lane. A lot of middle of the road, pretty dresses. I could have easily added two or three more to my best list. As always, the photos were borrowed from My Best: Reese Reese Witherspoon. It’s so simple but so perfect. She really found the silhouette that works for her, and she’s sticking to her strengths. I can’t fault her for that. Cumberbatch Sophie Hunter (Cumberbatch). Take note, this is maternity glamour done correctly. I think Keira Knightly needs to pay attention. Usually maternity gowns are more voluminous, etherial, or floaty, but the new Mrs. Cumberbatch was spot on with this red number. I promise I didn’t just pick this because of her husband… Gwenyth Gwyneth Paltrow. I am usually not Ms. Paltrow’s biggest fan, but I am a sucker for a dress with an architectural statement flower. This choice definitely seems well within her comfort zone and reminds me of many of her previous choices, but I’m not bored. I think she found a good version of her look this time around. Sienna Sienna Miller. This has a very French sensibility to it and I think it works very well. It’s beyond chic and definitely on the classic and glamorous end of Ms. Miller’s fashion spectrum. A nice change from some of her bohemian moments. My Worst: Gayle Gayle King. I’m not quite sure why she was at the Academy Awards, but Ms. King knows better than this. This looks like a poorly tailored, cheap prom dress. It’s the wrong color and wrong silhouette for her. Chastain Jessica Chastain. Usually she is on my best list, but I think this one is a yawn. Everything seems to be a little bit off. The slit is awkward, the neckline is awkward, the fabric is weird. We can do better. Chrissy Chrissy Teigen. I feel like this is Ms. Teigen’s best impression of JLo. I think it was just redundant and too much at the same time. Stacy and Clinton from “What Not to Wear” always said that you need to pick one focal point, and she just picked all the focal points. She needs to watch some vintage TLC programming.

Fashion at the Oscars

Just when I thought awards season was done, the Academy Awards snuck in at the end. I actually did not watch much of the actual show (I’ve already seen enough of this year’s batch of nominees), but of course I watched the red carpet. It looked like white and very pale colors were a huge trend this year. Some people made it look elegant, and some people made it look like they were just wrapped in sheets or toilet paper. All in all, though, I think people were pretty safe, there were no drop dead fashion forward stunners, and no catastrophes, I guess people are taking the Oscars seriously.

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The Best:

Amy Adams: This look is not so dis-similar from her SAG choice, but when it works, it works! The color is great for her, and I love a simple dress with some interesting structural elements.


Kate Hudson: This is the definition of glamour. Definitely riding the white and metallic trends, I think this is a good mix of fashion forward and classic.


Cate Blanchett: I think this is the best she’s looked so far this year. She definitely looks better than many starlets half her age. It’s unique but fabulous.


The Worst:

Lupita Nyong’o: She had a really good run this year, but I am not thrilled with her final dress of the season (that being said, I’m sure she’ll be on many best dressed lists anyway). Lupita Nyong’o was making waves, but this choice seems kind of princessy and unflattering for her (not to mention the Cinderella headband). I wish the color was richer and the structure on the bodice wasn’t so blah.


Elsa Pataky: (aka Chris Hemsworth’s wife) I am going to hell for saying this, I am sorry. In my opinion, this silhouette isn’t working for her. I think you have to be completely fitted with more of a column dress like Olivia Wilde at the Golden Globes, or drapey like Kerry Washington. That being said, the fact that she is even standing up and walking around is impressive to me, let alone all dressed up.


Kristin Chenoweth: I’m all for a metallic, but I don’t think this dress is doing her any favors. It seems reminiscent of both art deco and 70’s glamour, which sounds good in theory, but I think she can do better. Perhaps a tan and better makeup would have been to her advantage.


Who were your best and worst?