Academy Awards 2016: Best and Worst

I think simplicity really won out this year for red carpet fashion. There was a lot of color, but generally solid simple frocks. There were definitely no swans and barely any ball gowns. People kept it simple this year. I think, if anything, draping and architectural details were trends this year, weather it was extra swags of fabric or an architectural accent on the bodice. Here are my best and worst.

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Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

Saoirse Ronan looks stunning in this green beaded gown. It’s kind of everything at once because it’s completely beaded but I think the emerald color makes it less flashy than a metallic gold or silver beaded gown. The color is so great for her and it’s definitely a great pic for a nominee. I might have done a necklace rather than statement earrings, but to each their own.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

I really liked Olivia Munn’s dress. The color was great for her and the silhouette is innovative but simple and flattering. She could have amped up the earrings a little, but besides that it’s pretty perfect.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

Sarah Silverman has definitely gotten better over time with her style. I think she’s keeping it low key because she is probably more of a plus one for the Awards (though I know she’s been doing some more serious stuff lately). Her dress is understated but flawless.


Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

I was disappointed by Brie Larson. I thought she did really well at the other awards shows this year, but this is kind of blah to me. It’s giving me prom dress. I think she could have done better, especially for a big nominee.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

Reese Witherspoon was another snooze for me. I realize she’s not a nominee so maybe she didn’t have to be as on point as last year, but I think we could have done something more interesting or sleeker than this. It was also a very similar in color and cut to Tina Fey, but I think Tina’s was better.

Sadie Dishes- Best and Worst Academy Awards 2016

To complete the prom dress trifecta, I think Emily Blunt is 90’s prom all day. I know 90’s style is kind of in right now, but I don’t think this dress is doing anything for her. It washes her out and the cut is not particularly flattering. (Also, is she pregnant? I forget)

What are your thoughts?

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