Five Things

I’ve been watching on the tube this summer.

1. Catfish on MTV. It’s a little formulaic and repetitive, but it totally sucks me in. I always need to wait until at least the first reveal when you see if the “catfish” is really the person in their photos. Plus, Nev and Max are pretty cute.

2.  Newlyweds: the First Year on Bravo. Bravo is really good at sucking me in. This show follows a few couples throughout their entire first year of marriage documentary style. Each of the couples are a little unique and they have issues that cover the spectrum of couple issues from how much sex they’re having, to trust issues, to in-law issues, to communication issues. At first, I wasn’t too excited about any of the couples, they they’ve all grown on me and now I can’t pick a favorite.

3. The Pioneer Woman on The Food Network. Now that Paula is out, I’m ready to see Ree Drummond step up in a big way. She’s got some big shoes to fill, but I think if she loosens up a pinch, she can do it.

4. Gilmore Girls in syndication on ABCFam. If I’m near a TV at 11am on weekdays, this is a must.

5. Girl Code on MTV. This show is hilarious. I highly recommend it. It’s basically just a bunch of new (and unknown to me) comedians commenting on common girl issues in various situations. It’s reminiscent of “I Love the 80’s” on VH1 for me, because I usually relate to a lot of it.girlcode

Five Things

I learned this Summer (and some pics from Fenway):

1. The only thing that cleans glass is glass cleaner.  In my attempt to economize on cleaning supplies in my 3-month apartment lease I tried using a couple multi-surface cleaners on my bathroom mirror.  There were so many streaks and haziness that I could barely see myself.  Windex: is a good idea.2. I can actually live and breathe without having a TV in my apartment.  Who knew?  But I do love and greatly miss my TV that stayed in Virginia.  I will see it again soon!  I was extra sad not to have a TV during the Olympics.

3.  That being said, I did discover that The WB releases five re-runs of Gilmore Girls every week online, which made a great addition to my weeknight routine.  They do them in sequence so we started the summer finishing up the last season, and then started again from the first season.  It  was so relevant because the Gilmore Girls live in CT and the grandfather works in insurance just like me!  Connecticut is the insurance capital of the country!

4. I went to a baseball game at Fenway and learned something new about baseball.  Between innings the catcher from the bullpen comes out and warms up the right fielder.  Otherwise, the right fielder wouldn’t have a buddy to play catch with.  I think it’s kind of cute.  I’m not sure if this is specific to Fenway or the teams that were playing but it was the first time I noticed it.

5. I can do whatever I set my mind to.

PS- Check out my friend Elizabeth’s blog, I had a guest post on it yesterday!