Hop on the Jamberry Train

This weekend I am throwing a Jamberry party.  Some of you who are like me and aren’t always up on the latest at-home party services might not be sure what that might entail.  Well it’s an experience you won’t forget.  I attended my first Jamberry party a few weeks ago when I was asked by my friend Allison to attend her launch party.  This means that she was having a party to announce her new endeavor as a Jamberry sales rep.  I fell in love with the product as much as she did (though I won’t become a sales rep anytime soon…I have enough hobbies already).  Let me get right down to it!


As you can see in the manicure I did yesterday, the index finger and the fourth finger have the Jamberry product.  The Jamberry is a nail applique that lasts about two weeks when applied correctly.  It’s basically a long-lasting nail sticker.  They come in sheets for $15.50 and you can get a whole lot of bang for your buck out of them.  It’s way cheaper than going to the salon.  The application process involves the use of your hair dryer (for heating up the Jamberry in order to form it to your finger) and your basic manicure set.  I like to use the Jamberries as accents but you are welcome to do all your nails at once.  I prefer to mix it up with my own collection of polishes to give it a more eclectic look.  Plus you can get more manicures out of your Jamberry sheet.  Just call me Bargain Betty.  You can check them out and place your order here.  The deadline is Friday at midnight!  Get your Jamberry on!

Fave 5 Nail Polish

I like to save money when I can and one way I do that is by giving myself manicures.  You certainly don’t need to pay for your nails to look good.  You can easily do them yourself with the right tools.  Go to a beauty supply store or Amazon if you don’t already have a nail file, buffer, clipper, and cuticle trimmer.  These are the only tools I need to give myself a top notch manicure.  Here are my favorite nail polishes that are essential for your collection.

1.  You need a great base coat to keep your nails healthy and protect your nails.  Essie makes an assortment of base coats depending on your needs.

essie base-coat

2.  You need a few colors that are your go-to colors.  You might not have the same go-to colors as me because nail polish is a great way to express yourself.  The hunt is on for your go-to colors.  This color is my go-to for the Holiday season and for Valentine’s Day.  It’s from Mariah Carey’s holiday line…OPI In My Santa Suit.


3.  This is my fall go-to nail polish..OPI Romeo and Juliet.  I don’t wear nail polish in spring and summer due to my rigorous work schedule and hand-washing/scrubbing of sheet pans.  Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to wear spring and summer colors.

romeo and juliet

4.  To make my manicure a little bit special, I like to put Essie Luxe Effects over the layer of color on my ring fingernail.  It just gives it a little bit of glam.  It comes in a lot of different colors.  You can also go full-on glam and do it to all your nails.

essie luxe effects IMG_1037

5.  Make sure to finish off your manicure with a great top coat.  I have found this one to be the ultimate top coat.  I won’t ever try another one because it is simply the best.  It’s called Out the Door because it speeds up the drying process.  It also puts a glossy finish on your nails and protects them from chipping.  What are some of your favorite nail colors?  It’s always nice to have a few more colors to add to my arsenal.

out the door

Express Yourself

I was able to take the time to give myself a manicure for the first time in months. One thing I love to do is to paint my fourth finger a different color than all the rest. I started doing this toward the beginning of the year when I saw Alexis with this manicure on the Real Housewives of OC. You can’t tell me that you can’t learn anything from reality TV. I give a special shout out to Sadie who supplied me with the new color palette.