Fave 5 Nail Polish

I like to save money when I can and one way I do that is by giving myself manicures.  You certainly don’t need to pay for your nails to look good.  You can easily do them yourself with the right tools.  Go to a beauty supply store or Amazon if you don’t already have a nail file, buffer, clipper, and cuticle trimmer.  These are the only tools I need to give myself a top notch manicure.  Here are my favorite nail polishes that are essential for your collection.

1.  You need a great base coat to keep your nails healthy and protect your nails.  Essie makes an assortment of base coats depending on your needs.

essie base-coat

2.  You need a few colors that are your go-to colors.  You might not have the same go-to colors as me because nail polish is a great way to express yourself.  The hunt is on for your go-to colors.  This color is my go-to for the Holiday season and for Valentine’s Day.  It’s from Mariah Carey’s holiday line…OPI In My Santa Suit.


3.  This is my fall go-to nail polish..OPI Romeo and Juliet.  I don’t wear nail polish in spring and summer due to my rigorous work schedule and hand-washing/scrubbing of sheet pans.  Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to wear spring and summer colors.

romeo and juliet

4.  To make my manicure a little bit special, I like to put Essie Luxe Effects over the layer of color on my ring fingernail.  It just gives it a little bit of glam.  It comes in a lot of different colors.  You can also go full-on glam and do it to all your nails.

essie luxe effects IMG_1037

5.  Make sure to finish off your manicure with a great top coat.  I have found this one to be the ultimate top coat.  I won’t ever try another one because it is simply the best.  It’s called Out the Door because it speeds up the drying process.  It also puts a glossy finish on your nails and protects them from chipping.  What are some of your favorite nail colors?  It’s always nice to have a few more colors to add to my arsenal.

out the door

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