The Shows on My Mind

I think I lost my IKEA virginity at an early age and I kind of regret it because I was too young to appreciate or understand the experience.  I barely even remember it.  I should pay IKEA a visit to see if I can rekindle the flame.

It’s no secret to my friends that I watch more TV than the average bear (not something I’m necessarily proud of, but I suppose I have to own it).  This is a frustrating time of year because a lot of the prime time shows take a long hiatus during the holidays and don’t come back until mid to late January.  This practice annoys me because it’s the holiday season when I have time off and I’m hanging out at home with my family.  I would appreciate some good television to watch.  But thank goodness all the shows are about to come back with new episodes.

The two I’m most looking forward to:

I would like to see Zoe Hart hook up with Wade in “Hart of Dixie” on the CW.  I know that she sort of has her eye on George, but she would make such a better couple with Wade.  And Lemon needs a lot less screen time, I can’t tell if it’s an issue of bad acting or just a really annoying character.  And just a note to the CW: I cannot believe that “One Tree Hill” is still on the air…

I would also like to see Jess start seeing her roommate Nick in “The New Girl” on Fox.  It’s obvious they’re made for each other.  This is such a cute show, and it’s always so funny.  I used to look forward to “Glee” on Fox Tuesday nights.  Now I catch “Glee” if I can, but I will schedule my night around “The New Girl.”  It reminds me that even cool guys are nerdy, and nerdy girls are cool.

Zoey plays Jess on "The New Girl"

What are you looking forward to watching this spring?

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