Crafting is for Babies

So my one of my best friends is pregnant and she’s about to pop any day now.  At this point she is by far my closest friend who is going to have a child.  I could not be more excited!  When I’m bored I just think of presents I can send her, or browse through the baby department in Target.  That’s normal, right?

I was in Michael’s the other day to buy yarn for my crocheting habit, and I got an idea.  Tie dyed onesies!   Michael’s sells tie dye kits, as well as packages of plain white onesies.  Perfect!

I love tie dye but I don’t think I’ve ever tied dyed anything on my own initiative or by myself.  It turns out it’s really easy.  I decided to try a bunch of the different suggested folding methods.  Take a look!

The onesies are tied and dyed

I don’t think I’ve perfected my technique yet, but they’re totally cute.  Plus tie dye isn’t supposed to perfect, right?  Next time I’m going to make sure I use a little more dye on the fabric so it seeps through to the folded layers.  I’m putting them in the mail as soon as she gives birth!

(she's expecting a boy)

Next item to go in the care package: a home made lullaby CD.

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