Dinner and a Movie

While on a visit to Lauren’s (the only friend I’ve known for almost my entire life) house, we decided to go to the Movie Tavern. What a great concept! Why not tackle two birds with one stone if you have the chance. Here’s a list of the reasons why you should try it of you ever see one.
1. It’s the same price as a regular movie.
2. You can order anything from sliders to a sundae.
3. You can have a cocktail or a cold beer.
4. The seats are made of pleather and enormous.
5. There is plenty of leg room because the waiters need to be able to walk through the aisles.

I’d also like to give a nod to This Means War. It was about the last movie I would normally choose to go to but it was the best option playing at the time. It was surprisingly witty and entertaining. Chelsea Handler played a huge part of giving the movie a comedic edge. So head on down to the Movie Tavern and sling one back for Chelsea.

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