Sometimes Sandra Lee Makes Sense

When it comes to baked goods, I love to make them myself from scratch.  I think it’s healthier than store bought, and it’s nice to know all of the ingredients that are in your food.  Plus they usually taste better (usually…).  Even though this is my goal, it doesn’t always happen like that.  One thing that I actually have never made from scratch is brownies.  I’m on the Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade team for these.

I blame it on my childhood.  My mother who actually has a degree from the New York Restaurant School, never makes brownies from scratch (shhhh, don’t tell anybody).  She claims that brownies are just a little too much extra effort from scratch, and the box mixes come pretty close.  So brownies from a box it is!

My mom has always sworn by this kind:

I made a batch recently and to add a little extra something, I softened some peanut butter and added it on top before I put it into the oven.

So pretty.

PS- While we’re on the topic of Food Network people, I recently caught an episode of Jeff Mauro’s new show.  He was the winner of last season’s Next Food Network Star.  Hilarious.  Give him a try, especially if you like sandwiches because that’s his thing.

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