Five Things

I love to eat, but you probably don’t.

1. Cottage Cheese.  I think you either like this or you don’t.  I love it, always have, especially with some berries.  Also it’s a great source of protein, usually a serving (depending on the brand and milk fat percentage) has around 100 calories, and more than 10 grams of protein.  Can you say bang for your buck?  It’s a great alternative to the yogurts that way more sugar and not even half the protein.

2. Wheat Germ.  This is a little random I must say.  Usually it’s an ingredient in healthier baking recipes, and who knows what else.  I love to add some to my cereal, or have a bowl of berries with almond milk and some wheat germ to add a little texture.  It adds a nice nuttiness I think.  Apparently it’s high in some vitamins and minerals too.

3. Bulgar.  Say what?  This is a grain like barley that has a nice nuttiness as well.  I use it in anything that I would use rice or quinoa.  It’s good in soups and with veggies.  You just cook it with some water for a few minutes or soak it hot water for longer.  I’m not sure how I got hooked on it, but I definitely enjoy it.

4. Kombucha.  This is a new one for me.  It’s a type of fermented tea kind of drink that is supposed to have all sorts of magical qualities.  Depending on the flavor or additives there are all kinds of vitamins, and it’s supposed to help detox.  It’s the kind of drink you can only find at Whole Foods or other health food stores.  It totally crunchy granola and not for the faint of heart.  It doesn’t taste bad, but it definitely tastes “healthy.”  You have been warned.

Lucky me, I just made a Whole Foods run!

5. Protein Powder.  So as I’ve mentioned I like to work out, and I’m actually not big on eating meat for fish.  I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ll go days or a week or two without eating meat.  This means I need protein from another source.  This might be strange but apart from protein shakes and just adding water to the powder, I have a new method: cereal.  If I need a solid breakfast I will add the following to my bowl: 1 sliced banana, some cereal (something plain like Life), a half to full scoop or vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and maybe some sliced almonds for texture.  Make sure you give it a good stir to get the powder to incorporate.  It’s quite yummy, and I think adding protein to cereal is kind of genius. Yes it adds about 50-140 calories depending on how much powder you use, but it’s basically a complete and completely satisfying breakfast in one bowl, no side dishes or mid morning snack needed.

I let my freak flag fly, so what unique or unpopular food do you swear by?

PS- I’m headed my friend’s wedding today, recap to follow at a later date.  Here’s a preview of the dress and shoe color combo:

2 thoughts on “Five Things

    • Oh I’ve been wanting to try kbocumha! I”m with you though – the stuff on the bottom would not be for me. Glad to hear that another healthy blogger likes the stuff though. I may just pick up a bottle. Also, glad to see that your marathon running is going well 🙂

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