Favorite Things

A couple of my favorite bloggers listed 26 simple things that make them happy, I thought I would give it a try.

A is for August, my birthday month

B is for Block Island, my favorite place on earth

C is for Crochet, I’ve been addicted since age 10

D is for Dancing, in my car, often to the amusement of fellow drivers

E is for Exercise, every damn day

F is for Friends, like my friends, not the show

G is for Gilmore Girls, this time I mean the show

H is for Hairspray, I am from New Jersey after all

I is for Iced Mocha Latte with Skim Milk from DD

J is for Jewel Tones, no pastels for me!

K is for Kombucha Tea

L is for the Lillies of the Valley, they are pretty

M is for Mail, I love real, old school, mail

N is for Nail Polish

O is for Ocean, it’s the best

P is for Pilates

Q is for Quaker Oats, I’m a fan

R is for Rainbow flip flops

S is for Stawberries

T is for Tamsen, my favorite mom

U is for Under Armour, workout gear

V is for Vegetables, keeping me healthy

W is for Water Polo, my favorite sport

X is for Xylophones

Y is for Yes, a great word

Z is for Zekey, my baby bro

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