Hobby Lobby: a Crafter’s Dream Come True

My mom and I have a new obsession with a craft store called Hobby Lobby. We recently discovered this crafty wonderland over the winter when one opened up about an hour from where we live. Since my mother owned her own fabric store, we are familiar with good quality fabrics. Unlike shopping at Walmart, you can find good quality fabrics at discounted prices at Hobby Lobby. You can find just about anything else you need for all your crafty desires.

Here is a recent project my mother made for my closest sorority sisters. I always like to surprise them with something when they come visit in the summer. We bought the fabric for the aprons and coordinating ribbon for the tea towels at Hobby Lobby. Don’t worry Sadie you will get yours next weekend and Steph yours will be in the mail soon! hope this inspires you to check out Hobby Lobby for yourselves.


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