The Boardwalk

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to take a ride to Ocean City and take a stroll on the boardwalk. Because Ocean City is a dry town, it means that you have the chance to have some good old sober fun! Sadie and our good friend Karla had a blast.

We started the night with dinner at Clancy’s, which consisted of our choice of salad in order to save room for the boardwalk faire. Then we decided to hit up some of the rides. Below are some pics of our favorites. I must admit that I rediscovered that I am not a fan of ferris wheels. I will never be riding one again. The only exception I will ever make in my lifetime is for the London eye.

After the rides we grabbed a late night snack. I suggest getting a slice from Manco and Manco’s and then grabbing a cone from George’s. Although you can’t go wrong with salt water taffy from Shriver’s, caramel corn from Johnson’s, cheese fries from Curly’s or custard from Kohr Bros. Now that you’ve got the scoop, it’s time to head down to the Jersey Shore for the last two weeks of summer.





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