Hurricane Sandy

On Sunday and Monday, my house became Fort Todd.  It became a refuge for 5 residents of Stone Harbor, just one of the barrier island communities of New Jersey.  I made sure that my guests felt like my home was their home away from home while we were waiting out the storm.  As it turns out, I was able to be a great host as we were fortunate enough not to lose electricity until late Monday night.  I was able to make a spread of comfort at each meal.  I must say that mealtime really brings people together to appreciate each other.

I feel blessed to report that our small community of the 7 mile island was fortunate enough to survive the storm with only a few bumps and bruises.  Unfortunately, not everyone was as lucky as we were.  My heart goes out to those who do not have homes to go back to and to those whose businesses were pulled out from under them.

I inspected the bakery this morning and found it to be in near perfect condition.  You can see all the reed grass piled up outside the door, but somehow the water managed to stay outside.  My dad piped silicone around the door frame to keep out the water but I never thought that would be enough to stop nature from taking its course.  I’m not quite sure what act of God left the bakery almost untouched, but I certainly made sure to thank Him for his protection.

There have been horrifying pictures all over the news this week of destruction and devastation.  In all of this tragedy, I realize that we must enjoy the life we have created because you never know how it will change overnight.

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