I Heart Keenwah

Earlier this week, my best friend in the world sent me a very thoughtful care package because she knew I was having a crazy stressful week. It was the perfect package, there were snacks and great tee shirt.  The shirt is not only cool looking, but the proceeds help benefit the relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy damages in New Jersey.  I’ve worn it twice this week already, isn’t it cool:renewNJ

Among a few of the snacks that she sent was something called I Heart Keenwah. She knows that I’m into health foodie/granola type stuff, so this was little granola bar type squares with quinoa rather than oats.  There are a few great things that I noticed about this snack.  First, they taste great.  She sent me the cranberry cashew flavor: fabulous.  But then I noticed the ingredient list.  It was comprised of a list of things I could pronounce.  While there were a couple uber healthy ingredients like quinoa flakes and almond oil, there were no chemicals.  It kind of blew me away.  I didn’t realize something packaged in such a normal, mainstream way, could be so natural. If you see things in the health aisle at your grocery store, give them a try!Keenwah

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

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