Boudin: Maker of the Original San Francisco Sourdough

Over Easter break, Karla and I had the pleasure of visiting the other side of the country. We went to the West Coast for the first time and landed ourselves in the fabulous city of San Francisco. It was an eye-opening experience for me. As Karla found out, it was the first time I took a public bus. Who knew you had to pull a chord to let them know you wanted to get off at the next stop? Certainly not this small town girl. After a week, I was glad to find myself back in small town America.

We found some great places in this city. Over the next few blog entries you will be hearing about them. Most have to do with food…OBVI! The first place I loved was Boudin Bakery and Restaurant. They are known for their sourdough bread and supply their wonderfully crusty on the outside chewy on the inside bread to most of the restaurants in the area. But not only do they have a magnificent bakery, but they have a stellar menu in their restaurant upstairs as well.
IMG_0976 This is the dungeoness crab louie salad that I enjoyed.
IMG_0975 This is a basil gimlet. I do love my gin drinks!  I also had a moscow mule, served in a traditional copper cup, which was equally as delicious.
Don’t miss out on Boudin the next time you are in San Francisco. I even saw a man eating a Boudin baguette by the mouthful on our plane ride home. Guess that souvenir didn’t make it home!

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