Monument 10K

This past weekend was a fun one!  The last few weekends I’ve spent most of the weekend at my school working on various projects. But this weekend I finally got the chance to get outside a little and enjoy this late spring weather!  One of the highlights of the weekend was running the Monument 10K in Richmond, VA!

As you might remember I’ve run a couple half marathons in the last six months, but I haven’t done a 10K in a couple years.  I was worried about the distance because my training runs outside are usually longer than a 10K, and my treadmill runs are shorter than a 10k, so I just wasn’t sure how fast I would be.

But guess what.  I went much faster than I expected!  I’m not even sure why.  My official time was 53:57.  I was pretty happy with that because my average mile split was 8:38, about 40 seconds faster than my last half marathon mile split! I just started out pretty fast, and I felt good, so I just kept it up!

Even better than running fast, I met up with a bunch of friends at the race.  We had a few different paces among us, so we didn’t actually all run together, but it was great to have the company before and after the main event. My friends are much better at the Richmond scene so it was great to have some natives helping with the logistics of the crowded race. After the race we all headed to Station 2 for brunch. It was a perfect post race recovery meal recapping the race and relaxing.

Some of the tunes (both old and new) that kept me going during the 10K were:

The Way by Ariana Grande

More by Usher

Remix by The New Kids on the Block

Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Let it Roll by Flo’Rida

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