Last Five

The Last Five songs I downloaded.

1.  Kiss You by One Direction: So I was all ready to side with The Wanted (even though we all know I am an *NSYNC girl in my heart), because I saw The Wanted’s show on E!. But here’s the problem: One Direction is just so damn catchy sometimes. This is one of those times. It’s a great commuting song, a great workout song, a great playing in Excel at work song. I can’t get enough!One Direction

2. Live It Up by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull: This right here is a formula that cannot fail. J-Lo + Pitbull= quality dance/workout/fun music. The only word that can describe this song is: Fierce!J Lo

3. They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction: Catchy boy band ballad? Yes please!

4. I’m Out by Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj: I live for this song and this duo! Ciara is a constant on my workout mix, and this song has been a great addition of late. Sometimes Ciara has been hit and miss in the past few years, but I think this is a little more reminiscent of her fabulous sophomore album.Ciara

5. Roar by Katy Perry: Download this song now and play it on repeat. The first time I heard it I was not sold, but I needed some new music so I downloaded it and put it on my workout mix. When it came on during my run on the treadmill (my least favorite cardio machine) I played it about five times in a row and upped by speed. It is super motivational!

Katy Perry

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