On Demand Guilty Pleasures

Since the summer is always kind of a snooze when it comes to TV, I’ve learned to take advantage of Xfinity’s On Demand feature. I started by catching up on episodes of The Goodwife that I missed. Once I got the hang of it, I found some new favorites.



I always thought I would like VEEP because I loved The West Wing, and it’s a lighter, funnier version of that. I was right. There are sometimes when the episodes get a little too into crazy sitcom style scenarios, but everyone on the show is really funny!



My friend Carrie recommended this to me, and I’m glad she did. It was on TVLand but I rarely remembered to catch it during the week. It’s about a newly divorced 40 something who needs to get back in the work force. After some failed attempts she decides that to get a job at a publishing house, her best bet is to pose as a 20 something. She inhabits the life of a 20 something by hanging out with her co-workers and dating a much younger man, and she walks the line between the generations. The show is really funny and it has some good commentary on how different generations see the same issues.

Kevin From Work


I saw an ad for this one on ABC Family, and I thought I would give it a try. It is really cute! It’s a workplace sitcom that’s younger and fresher than something like The Office (and probably not as smart). Kevin is the guy next door who is hard worker with good intentions. He is in love with his cubical neighbor, and he has a lot of colorful friends, co-workers, and a crazy sister. Not rocket science, but entertaining.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll


This is Denis Leary’s latest show, and John Corbett is in it too! I loved Rescue Me, I loved Sex and the City, thus, I shall love this show. Denis Leary plays a washed up lead singer of an old 80’s hair band, and John Corbett is the lead guitarist. Leary’s long lost daughter shows up out of nowhere with aspirations of starting her own singing career by capitalizing off of some of Leary’s distant industry connections and song writing talent. It’s a similar type of humor to Rescue Me, but more rock & roll than firefighter. Not quite to the depth of Rescue Me, but I’m hooked!

What TV have you gotten hooked on this summer?

One thought on “On Demand Guilty Pleasures

  1. I know that I’m super behind, but I’m watching Parks and Rec on Netflix right now. I never watched it when it was on because I’m not a huge Amy Poehler fan, but it turns out it us hilarious! Plus I think Scott has a new mentor in Ron Swanson.

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