Swimsuit Preseason

Since it’s super cold out, I think we should talk about swimsuits. The first round of suits is out for the spring breakers and there are a lot of fun new styles and colors! It looks like high neck halters, crazy cutouts and straps, and mesh are all very in this year. As always, there’s a great combo solid suits and some really crazy prints. Here are some of my favorites of the early releases.

LBS (Little Black Suit)

Sadie Dishes- VS Swimsuit

I love this suit from Victoria’s Secret because it’s basic but edgy at the same time. Everyone needs a black suit, so might as well make it fun!

Classic with a twist

Sadie Dishes- Becca Swimsuit

Becca is one of my favorite suit brands because that have a lot of great basics and a really good range of sizes but I love the fresh take they took on the above suit. It’s a basic look in the front, but a party in the back. Just think about the fun tan lines you’ll get!


Sadie Dishes- Nanette Lepore Swimsuit

Sporty suits are often color blocked or have wetsuit inspiration, but I picked this one because it’s the total opposite. There’s really great coverage to avoid body surfing related wardrobe malfunctions, and the back is a lot more substantial as well- almost like a sports bra. Nanette Lepore has this and few different similar styles that fit the bill.

Wild Card

Sadie Dishes- VS swimsuit

Another from VS. This one is really cool because of all the straps/cutouts but it’s also a great combo of covered and edgy. It’s very minimal in the back with just a couple straps. This suit is definitely a party!

Classic One Piece

Sadie Dishes- LaBlanca One Piece

It’s great to have a classic one piece on hand thats flattering and has a little retro flare. I love this silhouette, I think it’s very functional and very chic. This one is by La Blanca.

Wild Card One Piece

Sadie Dishes- Mara Hoffman swimsuit

This one is perfect for a tropical getaway. Even though it’s festive, it’s functional covering all the right spots and shows some skin right at the natural waist which is often a good spot to highlight. It’s on the pricey side from Mara Hoffman, but can you really put a price on fun?

PS- If this is getting you thinking about your bikini body, I have the perfect bikini body equation for you:

your current body + a bikini = your bikini body

In my opinion, you can go to the gym and eat as clean as you want, but the only thing you really need when you put on your suit is a little confidence and you’re set!

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