New Things at Ann Taylor

Since Ann Taylor is the DC uniform, I keep pretty close tabs on their merchandise. Recently, there as been a noticeable change in the aesthetic. In case you haven’t heard, the Creative Director over at The Loft’s Lou & Grey line took over the creative directing at all three brands. Austyn Zung is definitely breathing some new life into the brand. I don’t think it’s a dramatic change but we are definitely seeing different fabric, color, and silhouette choices. Looking though the preview of the collection, I’m interested to see what they release in stores next.

There are a lot of two piece outfits:

Sadie Dishes- Ann Taylor Outfit

Ponte everything:

Sadie Dishes- Ann Taylor Outfit

And palm frons:

Sadie Dishes- Ann Taylor Dress

Bold separates:

Sadie Dishes- Ann Taylor Stripe Pants

And some solid work wear basics:

Sadie Dishes- Ann Taylor Sheath

Let’s see what they do next!

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