Last Five

Songs I downloaded from iTunes.

  1. Break Up in a Small Town by Sam Hunt. I think I have a quota of at least one country song a quarter and I was overdue. I don’t think there’s such thing as a Sam Hunt song that isn’t catchy.
  2. Big Rings by Drake and Future. Ciara child support battles aside, this is a great victory song. It’s great to listen too after you’ve had a good day, it makes you feel like a baller.
  3. When We Were Young by Adele. I’m going to be honest, I do not love every single song on Adele’s new album, but I love this song. I do wonder, however, how at 27 she has had this many epic romances.
  4. WTF (Where They From) by Missy Elliot feat. Pharrell. I love that Missy Elliot comes back every few years and puts out a really fun out of box song. This song is definitely outside the box and it took some time to warm up to it, but after a couple listens I thought it was awesome! I also love this YouTube choreography video to it.
  5. Perfect (stripped version) by One Direction. One last hurrah before the hiatus!

Sadie Dishes- Last Five, WTF (Where They From)

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