Hits and Misses

I haven’t done too much clothes shopping in the last couple months because I’ve been distracted with other activities, but right around my birthday my shopping habits picked up some steam again… Let’s face it, Fall requires new clothes.


Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

FYI- this dress by Leith reads a little lighter in color in the photo than it is in real life. It’s more of an rich olive green in real life. I think it’s the ultimate early Fall dress for weekend activities. It’s a casual tee shirt material which makes it really comfy and the cut is quite flattering. I was worried that the low price of $59 at Nordstrom meant that it was a cheaper juniors dress, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. PS- I’m not sure why they paired it with white heels in this picture. It needs booties!

Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

I’ve been overdue for some new work shoes. I typically have a few basic neutrals that I wear to death and then replace with something comparable. I love these because they are neutral but statement at the same time, and they’re a good height for me (I’ve decided my optimal heel height is 3.5 inches). They’re by Marc Fisher on sale for $71 at Nordstrom!

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I mean, come on. How cute are these shoes from Anthro? I needed a fall bootie that would be a little different from my two basics: brown and black. Mission accomplished! I’m so excited to wear these this fall!

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

These make me very happy. They’re high wasted Spanx faux leather leggings. Those are all of my favorite things in one product- high waisted, faux leather, leggings. I love it. I’m actively looking for occasions to wear them now.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I love a white cable sweater, but sometimes they can be too bulky and make me look like a marshmallow. This one has the perfect drape and structure for me! It doesn’t hurt that it’s from the Gap so it’s affordable at $49 and machine washable. I’m wearing it with the high waisted faux leather leggings fo-sho!


Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I took advantage of a 40% off sale at Ann Taylor and ordered the above blouse. I think the last couple times I’ve gotten a blouse from Ann Taylor they’ve fit a little loose so I decided to size down. Wrong move. I put on this top and felt like a fat guy in a little coat. Too small. I’m not sure if I’m just between sizes or Ann Taylor’s sizing is inconsistent. Either way, it’s a return. It could be a great basic so maybe I’ll try sizing up.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I was really excited about this dress from Banana. It’s perfect for work, and I love a dress with sleeves because I could get away with no cardigan or blazer if I don’t feel like it. Again, this was a fit issue. I got my normal size and the dress was baggy in the wrong places. I would try sizing down, but I’m sure the smaller size would be too small in the wrong places. Oh well.

Ok, Mr. Wallet gets put away for a few months now.

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