Last Five

songs I downloaded from iTunes.

I really needed some new music to listen to so I went on a little bit of a shopping spree with these five songs. I don’t have much of story behind any of these, so no explanations this time. I just listened to the sample on iTunes and decided to get it. I’m not disappointed with any of my choices!

1. Somebody by Natalie La Rose (feat. Jeremih)

2. She Knows by Ne-Yo (feat. Juicy J)

3. Geronimo by Sheppard

4. Talking Body by Tove Lo

5. Wrapped Up by Olly Murs (feat. Travis McCoy)



Best Five

Songs I downloaded from iTunes in 2013

1. I Love It by Icona Pop.  Because, I don’t care, I love it!

2. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell Williams. This song had some highs and lows this year, and a little extra scandalous media attention. It doesn’t matter though, because it’s still a great song.

3. Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs. Such a fun retro sound. I think I listened to it about 7,439 times this year.

4. Do What You Want by Lady Gaga, feat. R. Kelly. I could listen to this song on repeat for an entire 10 mile run in 25 degree weather and I’m pretty sure I would be happy as a clam with crazy fast splits. Sometimes Lady Gaga has been a little too abstract for me in the past year, but not on this one.

5. I Would by One Direction. I limited myself to one 1D song for this list, and this has to be it. It is, hands down, the cutest.Zendaya

Bonus Track: I just downloaded Replay by Zendaya. Coincidentally, I’ve been replaying it quite a bit in the last week. And since Zendaya is really from Shake It Up on the Disney Channel, the video is a straight up, old school, dance video. No weird narrative, just dancing in various sets with different outfits. AKA: awesome.

Here’s to more great music in 2014!

Last Five

Songs I downloaded on iTunes:

5. Classic by MKTO. Get it, now! This is such a fun song! It kind of reminds my of Faded by Soul Decision because it’s a very poppy song with kind of a cheesy quick rap in the middle. But it’s so catchy and retro that the cheese factor that comes along with the rap is negligible. I’ve heard of these guys before, but I like ’em!

4. Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake feat. Majid Jordan. This is such a chill song and Drake is the best. I love vibe. It’s not necessarily at the top of my workout song list, but it’s very enjoyable. I don’t have a lot of new rap songs on my list lately, so this is keeping the genre alive for me.

3. Dirty Dancing by The New Kids On The Block. This song is pretty hilarious. I think it’s funny and kind of awesome that these five boys from Boston often lean toward and R&B vibe in their music. Where does that come from in them? Anywho, the song is just fun and funny. It makes me smile for sure.

2. Alone Together by Fall Out Boy. In my opinion Fall Out Boy never disappoints. Even though they have come and gone a little over the years, I love how their songs have a good mix of pop melody and rock. Patrick Stump, the lead singer, seems to nail it on the head every time! This song rocks!

1. Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs. I am so obsessed with this song! It is the epitome of cute and I love Olly. It’s very retro to the point that I could almost picture Sam Cooke singing it. There’s basically nothing I don’t like about this song and I am fully capable of listening to it on repeat for long periods of time.