Fall Purge

I took Labor Day as a chance to do a little closet clean out. After reaching for a sweater a little earlier than intended a couple weeks ago, I realized I need to do a sweater inventory and purge. I also finally took the leap and ordered a Thred Up “clean out kit” to purge some of the nicer items that I haven’t worn that much. And since I ordered some new underwear, I trashed a few things there as well. Here’s the whole rundown:



  • 10 sweaters that are past their prime
  • 5 tees/tanks that I didn’t wear this summer
  • 3 shorts that I didn’t wear this summer
  • 2 pairs of worn out dress pants
  • 1 pair of navy khakis that I haven’t worn in at least 5 years (but kept telling myself I should have 1 pair of khakis)
After (I promise there are fewer)


  • 4 worn out undershirts
  • 12 pairs of underwear

Sent to Thred Up:

  • 2 blazers that are just too big but in great condition
  • 4 dresses that I wore a couple times but just never fit right
  • 2 skirts that I wore maybe twice but are too big and not worth getting tailored

Now my wicker chest of sweaters is organized and ready to go for the season. I also have a reminder of what I have and what I might be on the lookout to replace this fall. I don’t expect a ton of cash from the Thred Up load, but it seemed like a win-win to get those things out of the closet and have the possibility of cash. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a closet purge!

Fall Shopping: Tops!

Now that we’ve got our coats ready for the cooler weather, it’s time to replenish our sweaters and long sleeves! As always, I’ve seen some consistent trends in all the normal shopping mall haunts. Some trends might be worth trying, some, maybe not. Plus, there’s so much camel, burgundy, rich blue, and burnt orange out there, it’s fall vibes all over the place! The first hyperlink under each picture is the link to the item in the picture and the rest are more examples.

Little House on the Prairie Blouses

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

We saw a lot high neck lace tops this Summer, and it seems to be morphing into a high neck lace/ruffle blouse for the fall. I’m not sure how sustainable this trend is, but it would be so easy to pair with a pencil skirt or pair of trousers for work. If there’s a good sale, it might be an item to sprinkle in with your fall staples make everything look more au courant. Also, I find a high neck easy and sophisticated for work. It will make you feel like you’re on the prairie or in Little Women all day long!

Woodland Printed Blouses

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

These rich colorful prints are everywhere on blouses, dresses, and sometimes even pants. I think it would be fun to pick up a blouse with one of these fun patterns, but a dress or pants might not stand the test of fashion time for years to come. If you’re familiar with the Unicorn Tapestries a the Cloister’s museum in New York, (an who isn’t) these patterns give me a real ‘Unicorn Tapestries’ vibe. I believe JCrew even calls that out as an inspiration. I’ve seen some fun patterns at all the regular haunts: JCrew, Banana, Loft, Ann Taylor…

Ribbed Sweaters

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

This feels like a 90’s throwback to me (90’s- so hot right now), and there are definitely pros and cons to this look. The ribbed sweater can hide a multitude of sins, but if there’s a bump or roll (you know we all have them), we might have a princess in the pea situation. Sometimes a ribbed sweater can accentuate a roll, so they aren’t the best option to pair with those pants that are a little tight at the waist. That said, it’s a great basic to stay cozy on the weekends, and they are often done in a sturdy, washable fabric which makes life so much easier!

Plaid/ Flannel Shirts

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

Obviously, this is a perennial trend for Fall, and this year is no exception. This is another nod to the 90’s as well. Since I have a broad shoulders, I try to be careful with a plaid button down, because it looks rather lumberjack on me. Not always my ideal look… I try to pick a fabric that has some drape to it, that isn’t thick and stiff, and I love a “pop-over” style to pair with skinny jeans or leggings. If I’m doing blousy or boxy on top, I need to do slim on the bottom. If a bold plaid is work appropriate for your office, how great would a it be tucked into a pencil skirt?!

Heathered Knits and Sweaters

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

This might be a more subtle trend but I’ve noticed a lot of plain sweaters and long sleeve tee shirts and tunics that are grey heather out there. This is my favorite thing in the world. I love a grey heathered sweatshirt, so if we can extend that to shirts and sweaters– count me in! This is weekend errands with jeans in a nut shell.


Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

We have two kinds of stripes going on right now. There seems to be a lingering of the nautical stripes from Summer, and some throw back 70’s style stripes as well. Striped tees are an easy layering piece for weekends, and the placement stripe shirts are a great statement piece without being flashy.

Ruffled or Tie Neck Blouses

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

So many blouses this season have some structural details around the neck line either in the shape of ruffles or a tie. I think it’s a great way to spruce up a plain blouse and it’s so work appropriate. Sometimes ruffles add more volume than I need, so I’m more likely to wear a tie neck, but I think they’re both great options.

Bell/Flare Sleeves

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

Now we’re bringing in back to the 70’s again with the bell and flare sleeves. I’ll be honest, I’m probably not going to try this one. It’s not quite my style, and I’m not sure how much longevity this trend will have. But if you’re into it- more power to ya!

Peasant Tops

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Tops!

The peasant silhouette is everywhere right now. These seem to fit several of the trends into one package. It’s definitely a really easy look for a skinny jean or a high rise flare and booties. A fabric with good drape can flatter and hide a multitude of sins as long as it’s not too oversized. A bright and busy peasant blouse is an instant outfit maker!

I’m exhausted! Next time I’ll do pants and skirts!

Which trends are you thinking about trying this Fall?

Sweater Weather

I recently did an audit (workplace jargon, you’re welcome) of my current sweater situation, and I definitely need a few refreshes. I have a tendency to buy lighter, easy care sweaters (aka hopefully machine washable and not dry clean only) that seem to wear out a little faster than some of the fancier options. I’m going to start with some very versatile basics that will give me a lot of bang for my buck. These are admittedly a little boring, but welcome to the DC dress code my friend…

Work Sweaters:

Loft Button Back Sweater

I like grabbing a couple simple, machine washable sweaters that I can easily pair with a pencil skirt, or dress pants with or without a blazer. This one from Loft fits that description perfectly at $49.50 (because you know it will go on sale).

Loft Boyfriend Cardigan

Also, one of my quickest solutions to an outfit in the winter is a buttoned up boyfriend cardigan over a sleeveless blouse or plain tee shirt (purposing the summer shirts year ’round) and dress pants or pencil skirt. And done. This one from Loft is super affordable, comes in good colors, and is machine washable- it’s the trifecta!

Nordstrom Sweater

In the fall and winter, a white cable sweater paired with a slim pair of black pants (maybe velvet black pants) is my go-to Friday outfit. I like this option from Cupcakes and Cashmere’s collection at Nordstrom, it’s a little pricer, but it’s a nice sweater.

Ann Taylor Sweater

I like to have a couple statement sweaters, and this one caught my eye from Ann Taylor. It would be really easy to pair with a navy skirt or pants. Done and done.

Weekend Sweaters:

Ann Taylor Tunic Sweater

Tunic sweaters are big this year, but I think tunics are more weekend than workplace. This one looks like polished weekend for me. So I’m thinking out to dinner with friends or a family get together around the holidays. This is Ann Taylor again.

Banana Tunic Sweater

Speaking of tunics. I want this one from Banana too. This is definitely for the dead of January when you need to be warm but look put together with some jeans or leggings.

What sweaters do you have your eye on right now?