Sweater Weather

I recently did an audit (workplace jargon, you’re welcome) of my current sweater situation, and I definitely need a few refreshes. I have a tendency to buy lighter, easy care sweaters (aka hopefully machine washable and not dry clean only) that seem to wear out a little faster than some of the fancier options. I’m going to start with some very versatile basics that will give me a lot of bang for my buck. These are admittedly a little boring, but welcome to the DC dress code my friend…

Work Sweaters:

Loft Button Back Sweater

I like grabbing a couple simple, machine washable sweaters that I can easily pair with a pencil skirt, or dress pants with or without a blazer. This one from Loft fits that description perfectly at $49.50 (because you know it will go on sale).

Loft Boyfriend Cardigan

Also, one of my quickest solutions to an outfit in the winter is a buttoned up boyfriend cardigan over a sleeveless blouse or plain tee shirt (purposing the summer shirts year ’round) and dress pants or pencil skirt. And done. This one from Loft is super affordable, comes in good colors, and is machine washable- it’s the trifecta!

Nordstrom Sweater

In the fall and winter, a white cable sweater paired with a slim pair of black pants (maybe velvet black pants) is my go-to Friday outfit. I like this option from Cupcakes and Cashmere’s collection at Nordstrom, it’s a little pricer, but it’s a nice sweater.

Ann Taylor Sweater

I like to have a couple statement sweaters, and this one caught my eye from Ann Taylor. It would be really easy to pair with a navy skirt or pants. Done and done.

Weekend Sweaters:

Ann Taylor Tunic Sweater

Tunic sweaters are big this year, but I think tunics are more weekend than workplace. This one looks like polished weekend for me. So I’m thinking out to dinner with friends or a family get together around the holidays. This is Ann Taylor again.

Banana Tunic Sweater

Speaking of tunics. I want this one from Banana too. This is definitely for the dead of January when you need to be warm but look put together with some jeans or leggings.

What sweaters do you have your eye on right now?

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