Favorite Things

Ever since I was a young girl, one of my favorite things to incorporate into my style is my monogram.  Some might think it’s old fashioned or obnoxiously preppy, but not me.  My style isn’t preppy and I grew up around plenty of antiques because my grandparents were dealers back in the day, and I always loved all of the engraved silver.  I must say at this point I’ve grown very attached to my monogram, and if I ever get the opportunity to change my last name, it will certainly be bittersweet, not to mention a reason for me to buy new sheets and towels!

I took a look around my apartment and here’s what I found:

These towels and sheets are from The Company Store.
This was part of a set that I received as a gift, it’s a few years old from The Pottery Barn.  They have some newer bags that are similar.
A pendant that I got from Santa Clause and literally don’t take off.
Some fresh kicks from Nike ID.
And I love my first name too:
I am a complete sucker for personalized stationary, especially when it’s from The Paper Source.
And I’m obsessed with these from Converse.

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