Burger of the Week Club

Two years ago my friend Erin created the Burger of the Week Club.  During the summer, members of the club would gather weekly for a burger extravaganza.  Each week there would be a theme and the entire menu would fit in with the theme.  Tonight, we are having a Burger of the Week Club Winter Reunion for her birthday.  The theme is the Chilly Burger.  It is going to be a burger topped with chili served alongside cornbread and a winter lager with chili chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Also I made this cake for the occasion as well since it is her birthday!

This cake is easy to make.  I used a half sheet cake on the bottom for the base.  You can decorate that however you would like. I used fondant to make it appear more like a tablecloth.  Then I placed a fondant disc on top to make it look like a plate.  I used two 8 inch round layers for the bun and chocolate icing for the burger patty.  Then I made lettuce out of fondant by cutting circles and crimping the edges.  I used yellow and red icing for the ketchup and mustard.  I finally topped the “top bun” with honey and sprinkled on rice crisps to make it look like sesame seeds.  The finished product looks just like a burger that we be served at our Burger of the Week Club! Happy Birthday Erin!

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