Ian Somerhalder, Currently Heating up Mystic Falls

This blog entry is at the request of my dear friend, Karla.  We share a lot of things in common but one of them is our love for Ian Somerhalder.  We first discovered his twinkling eyes and stunning sex appeal on a short-run show called Young Americans.  In 2000, Young Americans began as a summer spin-off of Dawson’s Creek.  The young and inexperienced cast also included Kate Bosworth.  Sadly, the series only lasted 8 episodes, but it made a lasting impression on me.  Its where I first fell in love with Mr. Somerhalder.

He made a few more significant appearances in Life as a House, The Rules of Attraction, Wake and Lost.  But now he has finally hit his stride in The Vampire Diaries.  He plays the insatiably handsome vampire, Damon Salvatore.  He plays the ultimate bad boy who falls in love with a human girl who makes him want to change his bad boy ways.  We all love this romantic plot line, but let’s face it ladies…in reality, no one can change a man but himself.  We all like to dream and The Vampire Diaries let’s us carry out that fantasy.  So tune in every Thursday on the CW at 8.  Here’s a little preview for you.

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