Five Things

You probably don’t know about me.

1. I’m a closet disco fan.  I heart Diana Ross.  Always have, Always will.  And Donna Summers, and the Bee Gees… Disco music is great workout music, especially when I’ve heard the current Top 40 hits a thousand times each this week.  I do know how to hustle.  You better believe I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode of Glee!

2.  I can swing dance.  And so can my older brother.  We took lessons together one year when we were in middle school.  Oh yeah, we were cool kids.  It’s not a skill we use very often but whenever there is a swing band at a wedding or event I am always prepared to bust a move.

3. My favorite present to get is flowers. They’re pretty, smell good, and make me happy.  I try to keep fresh flowers on my kitchen table whenever I can.

The current arrangement

4. I watch Home Improvement and 19 Kids and Counting while I’m getting ready in the morning.  I’m a morning person so I usually get up early enough to shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast while hanging with the Taylors or the Duggars on weekday mornings.  They get me moving in a positive and light-hearted way every day.

5.  I don’t like bacon. I know, I’m weird.  And it’s not like it has anything to do with any health initiative of mine.  I even think it smells good when it’s cooking.  But for me it has an over powering taste that takes over any dish.  And since it’s not the healthiest food, I’m at peace with my aversion.

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