Mr. 3-0-5

It seems like these days every great pop or rap song that come out has one thing in common: Pitbull.  I don’t hate it.  I’ve been a fan of the whole hispanic rap sound for a while.  I went through a serious Sean Paul phase in college.

Earlier this week I heard Pitbull’s new Men In Black song on the radio and it reminded me that I pretty much like every song he puts out.  In addition of Pitbull’s catchy, fun songs, the man knows how to put himself together in the morning.  This dude can wear a suit.  He brings a whole new level of classiness to rap that his predecessors have attempted but never achieved to his level of success.   Even though he uses a lot of the traditional rap narratives in his lyrics, I feel like his lyrics are continuing to get more mature.  Also the fact that he collaborates with artists across the board, I think shows that he’s a nice, friendly kind of guy.  I saw his episode of “Behind the Music” and his mother basically confirmed these suspicions.

My top five recent Pitbull jams:

1. Back in Time (MIB theme)

2. International Love (feat. Chris Brown)

3. Give Me Everything (feat. Ne- Yo)

4. Dance Again (with J.Lo)

5. I Like How it Feels (with Enrique)

My top five older Pitbull jams:

1. Go Girl

2. I Know You Want Me

3. The Anthem

4. Hotel Room Service

5. Shake (with Ying Yang Twins)

PS- Make sure to watch J.Lo’s new video “Dance Again.”  The girl knows how to pick her boyfriends.

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