Favorite Things

Surprise, surprise, one of my favorite design elements is filigree.  By filigree I mean basically the design element of filler curly que’s.  You’ve seen it everywhere whether you’ve noticed it or not.  This summer I have a luxury of frequenting my parent’s house on the weekends and I found a lot of filigree.  Let’s be honest, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my mom had a lot of design influence in this house. Needless to say, I enjoy a lot of the details as well.  Let’s take a look:

A fabulous gaudy mirror frame.
Lantern with a little wall detail
A little free-standing flourish
Is this not the most fabulous coffee table you’ve ever seen? Don’t worry, it weighs a million pounds, it’s never leaving the house.
These rugs are a dime a dozen in my house.
The door mat
Even the light switch…

It might be a little gaudy or over the top at times, but I have been raised with this taste in design.  God help me.

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