Snow White and the Huntsman

The other night I finally got the chance to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  I must say after a long wait I was not disappointed in this movie.  I thought it would be hard to watch Kristen Stewart in a role other than Bella Swan, but surprisingly she pulled it off in her own way.  She was very convincing as the damsel in distress when the huntsman came to her rescue.

However, I do not think she played the role of warrior princess well when she went into battle against the evil queen. Just because she puts on a suit of armor and throws her hair in a ponytail (which was quite horrific as hairstyles go) does not make her a fighter who is able to combat the magical powers of the Evil Queen.  It would have been more realistic if the huntsman had conquered the evil queen in defense of Snow White because at least it is apparent that he is physically stronger than the Evil Queen when she doesn’t have her magical powers.  I’m surprised that the writer of this script was not a woman because this story has quite the feminist force behind it.

The Evil Queen hands down stole the show.  Her beauty along was magical.  Charlize Theron proves time and time again that her beauty is her greatest strength.  I’m sure you have seen her Dior ad campaign.  It’s equally as magical as her role in this film.  Check out Snow White and the Huntsman before it leaves the theater!

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