Summer TV Schedule

It’s that time of year where there isn’t much on tv to watch. Thanks to the following shows I can entertain myself at night before my early bedtime of 9 o’clock. I must admit that I have to DVR most of them!

Breaking Pointe – It’s a reality show on the CW that follows the lives of ballerinas in the ballet company, Ballet West. If you don’t know much about the grueling schedule of a dancer it is very enlightening.

Housewives of OC and NYC – While the first is in the final episodes of the season, the ladder is just beginning. I must say that the new mix on NYC provides a fresh new perspective. It is much more comical this year instead of being filled with drama. Thank you Bravo.

True Blood – It’s the shows fifth season on HBO and it is having a slow start. It I’m sure a lot of action and drama lies ahead. I just want to see more of the shirtless Eric Northman that I am used to seeing every season.

I am looking forward to the start of Big Brother on CBS. Glass House doesn’t even come close. I will miss Jeff and Jordan this year and even Brenchal. What are you watching right now?

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