The Pioneer Woman

I mentioned when I posted about the books I read this summer that I would hopefully read one more before summer was over.  Well I did, and I’m so glad because it was the best book I read all summer.I was browsing in a BN store in search of a new book, and this one caught my eye.  It was in the food writing/cookbook section which I enjoy, but it’s a love story.  It seemed like the perfect option.  It’s by a celebrity blogger/chef who’s been working her way up to a spot on the Food Network.  But the great part is that it’s about her love life.

Prior to reading this book I did not know that much about the Pioneer Woman, but now I’m a complete fan.  I am so jealous of her fabulous love story with her husband who she refers to as the Marlboro Man.  Plus I love that it’s a true story, it makes it that much better.

This book is about 300 pages and I read it in less than three days.  That might be a normal speed for other people, but for me it’s warp speed.  I just couldn’t put it down!

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