Holding It Back

My new favorite way to accessorize is at the gym.  I am loving bright and crazy headbands these days.  I used to have a lot of trouble keeping headbands from falling off while I was working out.  I guess my head shape combined with my thin and slippery hair made headbands like these slide off:

But then I decided to turn to the experts, and I got some Nike headbands.  It turns out, they work!  I followed that purchase up with some funkier headbands from Under Armour.  And they’re great too!  I bet they companies put more effort into research and development for their products, so I’m not surprised that their headbands preform well.

I just got some more really fun headbands from UA that have great sayings.  My favorite is: All I Do is Win.

PS- I think my calendar is really funny this month.