Holding It Back

My new favorite way to accessorize is at the gym.  I am loving bright and crazy headbands these days.  I used to have a lot of trouble keeping headbands from falling off while I was working out.  I guess my head shape combined with my thin and slippery hair made headbands like these slide off:

But then I decided to turn to the experts, and I got some Nike headbands.  It turns out, they work!  I followed that purchase up with some funkier headbands from Under Armour.  And they’re great too!  I bet they companies put more effort into research and development for their products, so I’m not surprised that their headbands preform well.

I just got some more really fun headbands from UA that have great sayings.  My favorite is: All I Do is Win.

PS- I think my calendar is really funny this month.

3 thoughts on “Holding It Back

  1. Where did you get the patterned under armour headbands? I’ve been trying to find some like that, but I have no clue on where to get them!!! Please help!

    • I got them at Dick’s Sporting Goods last spring. The last time I was there they didn’t have those same patterns but they had some other similar cute designs for the same types of headbands. For some reason they seem to have more of a variety of headbands in Dick’s then they do at the Under Armour website.

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