Handmade HeadBands and HairClips

Handmade HeadBands and HairClips

Sorry I was not able to post on the weekend. I decided I would make up for it by posting today. The weekend got away from me as always. My 5 year old friend, Fionna, inspired me to make these creations. I went over to her house on Sunday for a play date. She loves coming into the bakery in the summer. She tells me that she will work for me someday at the bakery and keeps asking me when she will be old enough. I always tell her not to rush it because once you start working, you never stop. Embrace your childhood sweetheart because it’s going to be gone before you know it.

To make the head bands. I cut three 8 inch strips and folded each strip by placing the ends on a hot glue dot in the middle of each strip. Then I cut three 6 inch strips and folded and glued them the same way. Glue each set of three folded strips into flower formations. Glue these flower formations together to create a layered look. Then, glue a button in the middle for decoration. Glue your creation onto the headband. Finally, glue a strip of ribbon on the opposite side of the headband to ensure that the decoration remains securely in place.

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