Fall Must Haves

Every season there seem to be a few new trends or must have items that I notice, then proceed to plot and scheme to find the best version for me. Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about lately, but haven’t had the chance to get quite yet:

Coated Jeans


I just got rid of my old pair of black jeans because they got pretty faded and never quite fit the way I wanted. Instead of replacing them with black denim, I think coated denim could be an even cooler option! I’ve seen them in a range of prices and I’m hoping I’ll like the ones from Banana and Ann Taylor because they’re more in my range. I’ve been unsure of my size lately though, so despite all the 40% sales, I need to get to the mall and try them on before I pull the trigger.

Ankle Boots


Always. I need a black and maybe brown pair that have a heel that’s not too thin and not too thick, not too high but not too low. Something I can wear with my long dress pants to work so the hems aren’t dragging when I walk. Durable, comfortable, but cute shoes for work are a must have! I haven’t found my Goldielocks perfect pair, but I’m looking…

Chambray ShirtsChambray

I had one that I loved and wore constantly, but it doesn’t fit the way it used to, so I need a new one! I know these have been in style consistently for a couple years now, but it seems like every single store has a version in three washes this season. I need.

Biker Chicleatherdress

Leather/pleather along with Moto style jackets seem to be THE THING right now. But wait a second, I’ve been rocking a sweet leather jacket for years. And almost every coat I buy has an off center zipper which I guess is “moto.” So basically what I”m saying is that someone has probably been spying on me, and decided that I am too cool for school. Even though this trend is not a new concept for me, I am thrilled that this style is so readily available, and I’m taking full advantage!

What do you have your eye on this fall?

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