My New Favorite

As you might remember I spent some time this fall updating my living room. Since I moved, I decided to upgrade some of my furniture and go with a different color scheme than my previous place. This is long overdue, but here’s the finished product.The living room

Do you love all the new pieces? I got a new coffee table, rug, side table, and couch. Plus I got a couple throw pillows for good measure. I’ve been accumulating all of it over the 6 months since I moved. I liked piecing it together little by little, plus it helped my wallet that I did it one piece at a time. While I love all of my purchases and will happily sing their praises, my favorite item, is my new throw! I’m proud to say I made it myself!throw

I got inspiration for it from a pin I saw on Pinterest and I found the pattern on Lionbrand’s website. I love that it’s a little out of the box for crochet and it shows a little extra effort. Plus even though I used cheap yarn from Michael’s it still looks fabulous!

So basically I just wanted to brag about my crochet skills. I also recently made 18 placemats for my parent’s house. I forgot to take pictures at Thanksgiving, hopefully I’ll remember when I go home for Christmas. Now the only question left is: what should I make next?

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