Christmas Is All about Giving

IMG_0152Take a look back to the early 90’s.  These were the days when it was exciting to get a toaster oven for Christmas.  We now find ourselves in the 21st century when it is exciting to get the latest version of the iPad.  Thanks to the recession and life, most of us cannot afford to give our friends such lavish gifts.  Instead of searching around TJ Maxx to buy something luxurious for your friend at a bargain basement price that you can afford, give them something that will make a lasting impression.  Nothing says you care like something homemade.  I decided this year that I would make an assortment of cookies and other treats to share with my close friends.  You can make cupcake platterss, cookie trays, gift baskets.  Don’t forget that you can even have small dinner parties for your friends to enjoy your homemade delights.  I can guarantee that they all will appreciate the time you have put into your creations.  My grandmother always told me that the greatest gift you can give is your time.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Make sure you step back and take time to enjoy it yourself!

These are lemon cream cheese frosted vanilla cupcakes topped with a ginger molasses cookie.IMG_0214
This is a picture of my dining room all decked out with Christmas. ‘Tis the season.

One thought on “Christmas Is All about Giving

  1. Love it! This year I’m giving homemade old fashioned fudge to a few of my friends and family. I feel like more and more people are going the homemade route. I think I like this trend! And I think we also have Pinterest to thank for it as well with all of the DIY boards floating around.

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