Workout Wear

Usually I buy workout gear 24/7/365, I love it. But I realized recently that I kind of took a hiatus this past six months. I was so concentrated on buying suits and suit adjacent things for work, that workout gear took a backseat. Well, enough of that! I would much rather buy neon spandex than black wool, believe me!

Here is combination of my current favorites and wish list:

My best friend recently bought these from Athleta and I’m totally jealous:

Athleta Capris

It’s a little hard to tell but they’re call “stardust” and they basically look like purple and black leopard print. Fantastic! Apparently Athleta’s standard fabric cocktail (% spandex vs. % cotton, etc) is only one percent different than Lulu’s, so it’s basically the same quality with a more affordable price tag (I saw that tidbit in an article last month that I can’t find…).

And these look like good running/spinning capris from Under Armour:

UA capris

They have a zipper on the lower back/butt which is why I say running or spinning. Not optimal for rolling around in Pilates…

I just got this long sleeve from UA that is great for running in chilly weather:

UA long sleeve

It might be hard to tell in the photo, but it’s metallic and shiny! So that means it needed to come home with me.

When it comes to inside workouts though, I think this tank from UA needs to get into my closet:

UA mesh shirt

I have a couple other mesh tanks from UA and I love them! This looks like a slightly different cut so I need to add it to my collection.

Also I keep seeing Nike’s Dry Fit shirts like this one that look and feel really soft and stretchy, but I can’t decide if the clingy nature would be kind of unflattering when I’m at the gym (in case you didn’t know, Arlington’s Gold’s Gym is a dress to impress atmosphere):

Nike dry fit

And PS- in case you didn’t know, printed leggings are in. According to everyone. Do it.

Nike leggings

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