The SAG Awards’ Best and Worst

Here we go with the second awards show of the season. I thought there were some higher highs and some lower lows from a fashion perspective as compared to the Golden Globes last week. The name of the game was simple and perfectly tailored. It’s the busier, blousier dresses where people seemed to get into trouble. (photos from again)

The Best:

Amy Adams: This blue is spot on for her red hair and fair complexion. Though her Golden Globes look got praise, I think this was an improvement.

Amy Adams

Jennifer Garner: Super simple, nothing new, but dare I say perfect? It’s hard to look better than this.

Jennifer Garner

Cara Theobold: I don’t know who this is, but she can pick a dress. I like how this is nothing outrageous, but it’s not the average sleeve, or print placement. Classic but interesting.

Cara Theobold

Elisabeth Moss: It’s got to be difficult picking several perfect dresses to wear throughout awards season. Elisabeth is definitely off to a great start this season. Plus she got the orange-red memo like many others this year as well.

Elisabeth Moss

The Worst:

Claire Danes: This one has a lot of different textures going on and a weird cut, plus her makeup looks a little scary to me. Not my favorite from Ms. Danes.

Claire Danes

Edie Falco: Can you say unflattering? Between the silhouette and the bohemian print, I don’t really understand why she made this choice.

Edie Falco

Amanda Peet: Is she serious? In what world is this flattering, pretty, or glamorous? Amanda needs a refresher course on red carpet fashion.

Amanda Peet

Meryl Streep: I didn’t want to have to do this, because it’s Meryl. I wasn’t going to, but she was mediocre at the Golden Globes as well. She’s just not trying anymore. I get it, it’s not her thing to find a fabulous gown, but we can do better than this Meryl.

Meryl Streep

What are your thoughts?

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