The Grammys: Pretty and Crazy

You can’t really do a “best and worst” dressed for the Grammys because it’s usually a lot more creative in the clothes department than the average awards show. So I went with “pretty and crazy” because I don’t want to judge the crazy outfits, I just want to identify them so you can draw your own conclusions. (all the pics come from as usual)


Colbie Caillat: This beach girl cleans up pretty good. It’s a tad formal for the Grammys, but when it works, it works!


Ciara: For a pregnant woman, I like that she picked something a little interesting but still flattering. Sometimes she can be a little extra fashion forward, but this look strikes a balance between fashion and glamour.


Chrissy Teigen: Another good choice in gold. Nothing too original, but I think she does look fabulous.



Zendaya: This is just strange. Usually, she’s a little sleeker and more modern, but this one is a miss.


Katy Perry: I guess Katy Perry was trying to be a little whimsical with this, but it has musical notes on it… It’s a little obvious. She reminds me of the school teacher from the Magic School Bus who dressed according to the lesson plan.


Sara Bareilles: I don’t think this overly offensive but it’s not a good look. Between the high-low hem and the feathers it’s just a little too weird.


Cute Couple Alert!

Pink and Carey Hart looked super cute!


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