Hits and Misses

I’ve done a little summer shopping recently. Some good, some not so good…


Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

This is a great breezy basic top from the Gap. It’s really cute and really comfortable. Bonus- unlike what seems to be the convention these days, it’s not completely see through!

Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

I was looking for a blouse for work that isn’t supposed to be tucked in. I have a few slim pairs of pants that look great with more of peplum look rather than a tucked in shirt. This one from Ann Taylor is really pretty and perfect for work. It’s great with a cardigan, slim pants, and pumps.

Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

This shirt is THE BEST. I actually got it in white with the iridescent Adidas logo, but the picture doesn’t do justice to how fly it is in person. I love it to pieces, and I feel super cool at the gym now!

Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

I love these slubby, lightweight summer sweaters. I buy one or two every summer, so I’m starting to have a collection. It’s perfect with a pair of white jeans for a breezy summer dinner. This one is from Ann Taylor, but there are also comparable options from the other regular haunts that I’ve collected over the years.


Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

Oh Banana. I ordered this long sleeve tee because I love a white shirt and I thought it had a lot more character than the standard tee. Turns out- not awesome. It’s very see through, and I’m not trying to wear an undershirt during the summer. I thought the bottom would be cool, but it drapes kind of awkwardly and I can see myself having to adjust it all day long. Back to the store.

Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

I thought this sheath would be a home run from Ann Taylor. I recently bought a dress from Ann Taylor so I was confident in my size selection. This one, however, was huge on me. My waist was non-existent, it just hung. I hate inconsistent sizing. It was a return.

What pieces have worked for you recently?

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