CW Obsession

Do you Cwingo?  Well if you do not know what this term means then you clearly do not watch the CW at all.  This is a warning that you just might not have any interest in this blog entry.  I must admit to you that I know what the term means although I have never Cwingo’d myself.  I must say that I have not outgrown tween TV.  I am obsessed with the majority of the television shows on the CW.  This year the season finale’s did not disappoint.  Here are my top picks.

1. Gossip Girl

This is the show that I fell in love with from the beginning.  I mean who doesn’t love a show set in NYC that revolves around the lives of teen socialites.  Over the years, these teen socialites have evolved into powerful young adults who are trying to define themselves.  The season finale did not disappoint once again as we witnessed the culmination of Blair’s struggle to figure out which man makes her a better person.  It is no shock that she once again picked Chuck.  The real shocker is that we were left with Charlie and Lola plotting their revenge against Lily and that Serena is ousted once again as she was seen riding on a train away from the city.  Looks like the Van Der Woodsen women are in for a rough start in the coming season.

2. The Vampire Diaries

If you like Twilight, you will love this show.  It’s once again the love story of a human and a vampire, although there is a twist because it is more complicated than that.  There is now a love triangle between a human, Elena, and the Salvador vampire brothers.  In the finale, Elena chooses Stephan and says that maybe things could have worked out with she and Damon if they had met first.  What we then come to find out is that Damon actually met Elena first and then compelled her to forget their meeting because he didn’t want anyone to know that he was in town.  After Elena makes her decision, she finds herself in the same predicament she was in a few years ago.  She and Matt are in a car crash at the bottom of the river, but instead she makes Stephan choose to rescue Matt first.  We find out by the end of the episode that she wakes as a vampire because the council woman injected her with vampire blood before her death because she was literally dying from a brain hemorrhage to begin with.  Can’t wait to see Elena the vampire next season!

3. 90210

I watched the original series and now I have fallen in love with the newest group of classmates.  They started out at Beverly Hills High and now find themselves on different paths but all chasing after the same thing: success, love, and happiness.  The season finale left us with Naomi and Max reigniting their relationship while Silver decided to end all of her relationships and have a baby with her best friend Teddy.  We are left hanging with Adriana going off to Vegas for her latest gig as Dixon is thrown around in a car crash.  Who knows where next season will take us!

4. Hart of Dixie

All I have to say is that it is about time that Wade and Zoe finally got it on!  I sure hope she doesn’t fall into George’s trap again.

5. The Secret Circle

This was the first season of this show.  It’s about a circle of witches who are bound together to enhance their power.  It looks like next season will bring a new circle of witches to Chance Harbor.

6. Ringer

It was great to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on camera.  If you’re looking for a thriller/mystery show, this is your chance to fulfill your search.  The plot is way too complicated to sum up for you. I would have to dedicate an entire blog entry to explain the twist and turns that happened all season long.  Reviews say that this show is not going to be renewed, but I will tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the roller coaster ride!


One thought on “CW Obsession

  1. Two things: 1. Hart of Dixie is fabulous, I never miss it. 2. I also heard they are canceling Ringer. Sad face.

    I feel like the CW is regaining their teen drama roots of the olden days like Dawsen’s, 7th Heavean, GIlmore Girls. Good times.

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