Blown Away

Tonight I am watching the Billboard Awards. First of all, Miley Cyrus needs to chillax on the whole need to make sure I keep Liam Helmsworth interested thing. She was wearing half of an outfit tonight! She forgot her pants. It’s time to realize that she is an amazing young woman who has a lot to be proud of. She has already made it in life at the ripe age of 20 something thanks to her former alter ego Hannah Montana.

Second of all, Justin Bieber is just about the cutest 18 year old I know. I would gladly join the cougar club for him!

Most importantly, Carrie Underwood looked amazing. Also she sang Blow Away and got a standing ovation. She is extremely humble and successful in everything she does. She doesn’t even have to sing about her past boyfriends like Billboard’s woman of the year. I bought tickets to her show on Atlantic City in November and absolutely cannot wait!!!!

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