Shady Maple Restaurant

On Tuesday, I went to Lancaster to shop at the outlets and to visit assorted small Amish shops that are tradition on a trip to the Dutch country.  On my way there, I always stop for breakfast at the Shady Maple Restaurant with my parents.  There you will a smorgasbord of Amish delights.  You can’t pass up the whoopie pies or the sweet potato pancake when you are there.  Also, leave room for all the Amish meats like the smoked turkey sausage or the freshly made scrapple.  I only stop twice a year because that’s enough gluttony for one year, trust me!  My next post will give you the recipe to my favorite Amish tradition for the fall, pumpkin whoopie pies.

2 thoughts on “Shady Maple Restaurant

  1. I grew up in Lancaster County and loved Shady Maple! We would always go for our birthdays because you got a free meal. I live in York County now and I miss the quick commute for the good food.

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